About Us

Image Alchemy Ltd.(Alchemy)  is a unique UK Company as it designs, patents and produces its own highly innovative and environmentally friendly inkjet ink delivery systems that do away with wasteful disposable inkjet cartridges, whilst offering greater convenience substantial savings.

We also supply independently certified world class inks.

Alchemy has gone one step beyond in creating large format cartridges for the Epson 3800/3880 series printers that don't have to be removed for filling or manually reset.  Our Advanced Print System cartridges are easy to refill in the printer and automatically reset, WITHOUT REMOVING THEM from the printer.  They can contain over three times the amount ink (260ml) compared to Epson or independent refill cartridges.


Image Alchemy Ltd. is based at:

2 Parklands Drive,



Greater Manchester,

M33 4NU

United Kingdom

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Office: +44 161 298 5204

Email: pbanks@image-alchemy.com