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Front view DIPS

Image Alchemy Ltd was established in November 2003 in response to the scandalous cost of the BIG 3 printer company's (HP,Canon and Epson), original ink cartridges. Additionally, we are appalled at the amount of environmental pollution and energy consumption of approximately two billion disposable plastic-bodied cartridges going into landfill or incineration every year. There is no need for such dreadful waste - it's a prime example of unacceptable corporate greed!

Unlike the majority of companies selling third-party ink systems, we design, patent and manufacture our own products here in Manchester, UK. Our ink systems are designed to be extremely simple to install and are obsolete proof. Typically, our ink systems can be installed and be up and running in a few minutes only.  Compare that to the competition.

Additionally, we use the very best materials in every aspect of our ink systems, irrespective of cost to us.  "Quality in everything", is engrained in the Company ethos.

In 2013 Image Alchemy's founder and CEO won the title, Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year, for the quality of his innovative and class-leading designs and products.  Please see the Messenger article here


 Digital Image Print System (DIPS) 

Front view DIPS

The Digital Image Print system (generically known as CISS, or Continuous Ink Supply System), is the world's most advanced inkjet print system designed for heavy users of ink - photographers, architects and fine-art printers.

Our DIPS have been built without quality compromise either in the hardware or in the inks we use.

We invite you to make a comparison between the ease of setup, the quality of our engineering and choice of high quality materials in our ink systems.

 Unique, Obsolete Proof Hardware 

Ink System top view

Image Alchemy's™ (patent applied for) DIPS (Continuous Ink Supply System - CISS) has the ability to be upgraded from your old printer to your new printer. Should your existing printer suffer a terminal breakdown, there is no need to ditch your investment in our ink system. We can supply you with a new set of cartridges and tubing for your new printer. Simply remove the old cartridges and tubing from your ink system and replace it with new cartridges and tubing to suit your new printer. Ours is an efficient and highly cost effective, fade-resistant CISS print system, suitable for use by professional and enthusiast image-makers. The system is suitable for most Epson Photo Stylus™ inkjet printers, although 9000MkII for Canon is now available.  We can make bespoke systems on request.  Ours is a true high-value external ink reservoir system, not to be confused with "tubless ink flow" (refillable cartridges - costing just a few dollars).

Our DIPS (CISS) is of a very high standard and has been produced with the assistance of the University of Manchester's Department of Manufacturing at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering:

 Ink Refill System 

Refilling ink system

Uniquely, the Image Alchemy ink refill system is simple; mess free and streets ahead of the competition. Our easy refills come in a variety of sizes, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre.

Compare just how simple our refill procedures are against competitor company’s offerings. All our refill procedures are completed in a matter of seconds, without mess, newspapers, gloves, fuss, syringes, clamping lines, funnels and unscewing ink tanks.

Topping up our external ink tank is simplicity itself.  Simply remove the silicon stopper, take off the refill bottle's cover, insert the tapered nozzle into the ink tank and gently squeeze. The whole operation is completed within a matter of seconds. Additionally, our stylish hand made acrylic case is leakproof - it only oozes one thing; QUALITY!


 Competitor's CISS Refill Procedure 

Let us compare the refill the procedure from some of our competitors, whereby you put on gloves, spread newspaper, clamp the ink tube, then hold the base of the ink container while unscrewing it to take out the wet tubing from the ink bottle - drip, drip, drip! 

Find a safe place to put down the wet internal tubing being careful not to stain the surface. Pour ink into the reservoir bottle, being extremely careful not to spill, then replace caps/tubing on your containers, screwing them home and finally remembering to unclamp the line.  Please see our video comparing both systems:

 Competitor's 3800/3880 Refill Procedure 

 Image Alchemy's Super Speedy APS 3880 Refill Procedure 


Re-filling our advanced 3880/3800 system is simplicity itself.

Advanced Printing System

Remove the silicone stopper from the top of our Advanced Print System cartridge, unscrew the pointed end of our refill, insert into the cartridge and gently squeeze - the whole operation completed within a matter of seconds. There is no mess no fuss, no syringes and no inky fingers or stained work surface.

There is no need to remove our cartridges at all from the printer - once installed they are there, permanently. Because our advanced system is permanent, there is no wear or tear from the constant removal and insertion of new cartridges, or purging waste ink going into the maintanance tank.

Additionally unlike some competitors, our refill cartridge does NOT need to be removed or syringes used to inject ink into the cartridge. Removing the cartridge in this way can bring air into the printer ink line and the potential for dust. Additionally when you have to remove and replace the cartridges, invariably the printer software will want to purge and waste ink - this does not happen with our 3880 Advanced Print System.

The Advanced Print System for the 3880 can contain up to 260 ml of ink - more than three times the amount of ink held in an Epson cartridge!!!

Refilling Advanced Printing System

Once installed into the printer our advanced 3880 system never needs to be removed again not even for refilling!  EVER!

Resetting of the cartridges is done totally automatically within the printer. There is no need to remove the cartridge and there is no need to use special resetting equipment.

At the time of writing the cost of an EPSON 3880 cartridge is £40.77/€56.23/$54.58.  If we multiply that by 9 to make a completing set, we get a total price of £366.93/€506.07/$491 for just one 80 ml, nine ink set.!

Our smallest 3880 system of cartridges and ink comes in considerably cheaper - with lots more quality ink in each cartridge!

What are you waiting for - try it and be AMAZED!


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