TEMPUS™ Archival Dye Inks

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TEMPUS Archival Dye Inks

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Image Alchemy's TEMPUS™ Archival Dye Ink


Image Alchemy's TEMPUS™ Archival Dye Inks are the product of considerable research and use the latest state-of-the-art dyes and advanced formulations. The benefit is that the inks dry rapidly, have a wider colour gamut, are less prone to surface abrasion and do not suffer from bronzing. Additionally, these dye inks are less likely to clog the print head and will not settle over time.

All TEMPUS™ dye inks have been independently certified across the range to a minimum of ISO 105 - B02 standard of BWS 6 and as such meet the requirements as an archival ink.

They are also highly fade resistant, so even when exposed to sunlight and ozone conditions, your documents and prints will endure the test of time.

Please note: Price is for 250ml individual ink - price is for one colour ink only NOT A SET OF INKS.  Please state colour at time of order.

Product delivery time will be advised.