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Inks Competitive Test

Our Chronos™ (Pigment) and Tempus™ (Dye) inks are simply amongst the best in the world.

We consulted with respected Leeds University’s Department of Colour Chemistry in finally deciding on a choice of manufacturers of dispersion and dyes for our “Award Winning” ink systems.

Our dispersion (colour powder used to make pigment ink), is from the world leader in pigment manufacturing, Cabot.  The particle size of our dispersion is a tiny 250 nanometre (a billionth of a meter!), and is highly resistant to separating (settling out).  Additionally, our inks are less prone to clogging, have a high gloss and wide colour gamut.

Our Tempus™ (Dye) inks use the latest state-of-the-art dyes, that are highly fade resistant to visible light.

Additionally, the dyes are completely soluble in the ink formulation and the molecule size is approximately 130 times smaller than dispersion, so the chances of separation by agglomeration are negligible.  You can use our ink with confidence in the quality of our product.

Tempus™ inks produce a superb glossy image on photo papers and have a much wider colour gamut than pigment inks.  They simply look more “photographic” than prints made with pigment ink – more like prints used to look when made by silver halide film.

CHRONOS™  Archival Pigment Inks

CHRONOS™ Archival Pigment Inks


Image Alchemy's CHRONOS™  archival pigment ink    Image Alchemy's CHRONOS™.....

TEMPUS™  Archival Dye Inks

TEMPUS™ Archival Dye Inks


Image Alchemy's TEMPUS™ Archival Dye Ink   Image Alchemy's TEMPUS™ Archiva.....