Award-Winning Advanced Printing System Epson 4800/4880 (9 Cartridge System)

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APS for Epson 4880

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Image Alchemy's Advanced Printing System for Large Format Printers Epson 4800/4880

The Advanced Printing System (APS) is the most advanced inkjet cartridge system for the Epson 4800/4880 series printers.

The Ink Refill System

Alchemy's APS is not filled from an antiquated and messy syringe; instead it can be refilled in the printer, with Alchemy's elegant ink dispenser, which completely avoids the possibility of ink spillage and keeps unused ink fresh. 

Big ink saving

The APS is never removed from the printer, there is no need to purge, clean or do additional nozzle checks when topping up the cartridges, so there is much less ink wastage and the printer's maintenance tank has much longer intervals between changes.

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